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Alexander Johansson & Mattias Fridell - Sinnesorgan

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Title: Sinnesorgan
Label: ANAOH
Catalog: ANA080
Released: 27.09.2021
Type: Single
After the wonderful works they have presented for the legendary 'H-Productions' and 'Symbolism' by the lengends Cari Lekebusch & Mr. Ben Sims, respectively.
Alexander Johansson & Mattias Fridell make their debut at ANAØH with a wonderful release that perfectly musicalizes the conjunction of the best classic techno sound with the future, in which the shows the studio skills of these producers harmonizing their experience in the studio is notorious. Smart weapons for dance, with serious bases and a forceful groove in each of the 5 original tracks that have been presented to us that combine precision and pure essence of real techno from the first bars.

The play is totally perfect, but when we started working on its planning months ago, we wondered if we could add the final icing on the cake?
One of the most beloved of the house, CRAVO is back, now participating as a remixer, doing a job just as we are used to, of the highest quality, its crazy grooves, high bpms and rhythmic and hypnotic forcefulness added to work Already made by Alexander and Mattias, this story returns in pure TNT. It fills us with emotion every time we think about you listening to it.
1. Sinnesorgan I 6:09
2. Sinnesorgan II 5:58
3. Sinnesorgan III 5:49
4. Sinnesorgan IV 5:27
5. Sinnesorgan V 5:17
6. Sinnesorgan V (Cravo Remix) 5:11

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