Space Melody
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Cyberia - Space Melody

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Artist: Cyberia
Title: Space Melody
Label: DJs at Work
Catalog: DJ2115
Released: 24.09.2021
Type: Single
Original song by Alexander Polyakov (PPK) from 2001 and based on Eduard Artemiev's work 'Siberiada' from 1979, in the same year 2001 Luna Park released his song Space Melody and it was the best known worldwide. This year 2021 we do a Reload of the Luna Park theme and a Makina remix by Dj Konik.
01. Space Melody (Reload Mix) 7:30
02. Space Melody (DJ Konik Remix) 6:25
03. Space Melody (Reload Radio Mix) 4:31 
04. Space Melody (DJ Konik Radio Remix) 3:22 

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