Dancing in the Rain
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Nipika & Francisco Cervantes - Dancing in the Rain

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Title: Dancing in the Rain
Catalog: ESH264
Released: 14.10.2021
Type: Album
01. Dancing in the Rain 4:22
02. Dancing in the Rain (Extended Mix) 7:50
03. Dancing in the Rain (Petrichoreal Mix) 4:28
04. Dancing in the Rain (Extended Petrichoreal Mix) 8:07

We are delighted to welcome back Canada-based Nipika and France-based Francisco Cervantes working in collaboration for the first time here at Shores. These excellent artists have created an incredible track, entwining lush chords, beautiful melodies and shimmering atmospherics to create a wonderfully euphoric masterpiece. Also included in this release is an alternative "Petrichoreal" mix, increasing the intensity of beauty to a maximum and enhancing with glittering arps and lovely foley samples. Returning together here on Shores, this is Nipika and Francisco Cervantes with their blissful new track "Dancing In The Rain".
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