Parallel Moves
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Fluxion - Parallel Moves

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Artist: Fluxion
Title: Parallel Moves
Label: VMR016
Catalog: Vibrant Music
Released: 15.10.2021
Type: Album
1. Never On the Same Place (03:08)
2. Sol (07:14)
3. Parallel Moves (10:56)
4. Orange Sky (07:15)
5. You Are (04:44)
6. Correlation (06:52)
7. Spreads (06:35)
8. In Limbo (07:35)
9. The Pieces (03:56)
10. Passage (05:08)
11. Settling Dust (03:49)
12. Blue and Yellow (05:46)
13. Duet (02:55)

Fluxion's best album in years, the Greek dub techno veteran sculpts pristine dub-jazz moods that eschew the genre's usual foggy melancholy in favor of mind-expanding, horizontal landscapes. One for fans of Moritz Von Oswald Trio and Vladislav Delay's underrated "The Four Quarters".

There's an airy lightness to "Parallel Moves" that's unexpected in the dub techno canon. Fluxion's best work - his Chain Reaction two-parter "Vibrant Forms" - is rightly hailed as a genre milestone, and while "Parallel Moves" echoes that work's faded atmosphere, there's none of the eerie mystery. Instead, the Greek producer has augmented his production with a deep house-indebted jazziness, bringing in broken two-step rhythms, feather-lite electric guitar and warm electric piano. It's almost balearic.

Tracks like 'Passage' are as warm and bright as an acid sunrise, with aerated pads that cut through a supple kick and breezy horns that practically drag you to the sand dunes and frothing waves. 'In Limbo', a tight, uptempo deep house burner, sounds looped into Theo Parrish's sonic universe as it drifts around subtly plucked guitar and kinetic electric piano, and 'Spreads' sounds like waking up on a mountainside, watching the clouds part slowly. This is sunny, hopeful stuff, and breathes some happiness into a usually buttoned-up sound.

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