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Scorz & Diana Miro - Shadow

Rating: 4.6 Votes: 9
Artist: Scorz, Diana Miro
Title: Shadow
Catalog: AREE196
Released: 15.10.2021
Type: Single
Making his debut on Armada Electronic Elements, Brazilian rising star Scorz delivers a particularly hypnotic record in tandem with Diana Miro. Coupling the lush and intimate vocals of the Amsterdam-based singer-songwriter with a highly atmospheric and melodically experimental production, 'Shadow' is the song that'll follow you everywhere you go.
1. Scorz & Diana Miro - Shadow 2:58
2. Scorz & Diana Miro - Shadow (Extended Mix) 5:37

20 Oct 2021 в 20:57
диана по всем диджеям уже прошлась пустили девчонку по кругу =))))))
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