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Rolfiek - L.A.M.P.

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Artist: Rolfiek
Title: L.A.M.P.
Label: #WeAreTrance
Catalog: WAT046
Released: 22.10.2021
Type: Single
#WeAreTrance (Switzerland) welcomes Holland's ROLFIEK with his label debut L.A.M.P., a melodic Trance uplifter with a stunning melody and subtle acid lines.

Following the Phoenix Recordings releases "Vortex" (2019), "Yrden" and "Pure" (both 2020), collaborations together with Colombian producer R3dub (the duo is also known as Artificial State), the Dutch DJ/producer returns to Joyride Music with a driving uplifter that shines a pleasing light at ones heart and soul.
Rolfiek - L.A.M.P. (Extended Mix) 7:20
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