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Jose Bumps - Wicked

Rating: 4.5 Votes: 6
Artist: Jose Bumps
Title: Wicked
Catalog: TMM176
Released: 05.11.2021
Type: Single
The manager of Tecnomind's labels, 'Jose Bumps' is very glad to bring again an own tune to Tecnomind Music, named 'Wicked'. This has an exceptional strength, in fact this one can be the stronger uplifting trance track that I did as producer till now, and we must humbly say that is a work of awesome quality. For complete the release, this comes with 2 amazing remixes: One of them by 'Artifi', who once again did an outstanding work with his version of the track. His remix is also uplifting, offering a different melody but respecting the vibes of the original, and we absolutely love it. Also, a second remix by myself, this time as 'Tecnomind'. After the unexpected success of my last breakbeat track, I was inspired and decided to do something like this again, so this remix is in this style too. Definitely, the pack is full of quality tracks, and with variety of styles, so is 100%% recommended the complete release. Don't miss this and enjoy!
01. Wicked 7:22
02. Wicked (Radio Edit) 4:11
03. Wicked (Artifi Remix) 5:46
04. Wicked (Artifi Radio Edit) 3:28
05. Wicked (Tecnomind in da Breakz Remix) 7:41
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