Apalu / Elidor
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Roger Shah & Balearic Session - Apalu / Elidor

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Title: Apalu / Elidor
Released: 05.11.2021
Type: EP
Label Boss Roger Shah delivers the goods on the Deep imprint with 2 new tracks under his Balearic Session alias! Apalu and Elidor are two of the most requested tracks taken from the Magic Island Vol 10 compilation, and for good reason!Apalu is a deep and sonically rich journey showcasing Roger’s signature Balearic percussions, rich atmospheres and melodic progressions. Elidor turns up the groove with a catchy bassline, and an infectious synth line – guaranteed to get your head bobbing and your feet tapping!
1. Roger Shah pres. Balearic Session - Apalu (Extended Mix) 7:12
2. Roger Shah pres. Balearic Session - Elidor (Extended Mix) 7:06

9 Nov 2021 в 17:37
Слабо,очень слабо.
21 Nov 2021 в 11:12
Не просто слабо, вообще - никак. Roger Shah, потерял давно свой музыкальный, узнаваемый почерк и уровень.
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