She Likes Techno
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Whiptongue - She Likes Techno

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Artist: Whiptongue
Title: She Likes Techno
Catalog: 10209743
Released: 05.11.2021
Type: EP

When was the last time your expectations were exceeded? Be ready to welcome that feeling again, as the new release "She Likes Techno" by Whiptongue lands on our catalog! Over the years, Whiptongue spoiled us groovy psytrance lovers with the highest levels of composition and sound performance on big settings. With "She Likes Techno", the Brazilian producer steps up the game with sound sharpness and capturing music storytelling, delivering a triple bang of joy for the ears of both players and dancers. Wait no further! Get the latest tunes by Whiptongue and boost your sets for the better.
All the tracks are specially dedicated to Aline, who has been and always will be the spark of the fire in Whiptongue's creative engine.
1. She Likes Techno 7:42
2. Untuned Brain 7:49
3. Warped Love 7:50

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