Sailing (Back Pedal Brakes Remix)
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Chicane - Sailing (Back Pedal Brakes Remix)

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Artist: Chicane
Title: Sailing (Back Pedal Brakes Remix)
Catalog: MDA044
Released: 19.11.2021
Type: Single
Sporting a crisp arrangement, the Back Pedal Brakes Remix of Chicane's recent album single 'Sailing' is even more enchanting than the original version. Built around a mesmerizing breakdown steeped in Balearic feel, this rendition instantly reserves a spot on a many a fan's shortlist.
1. Chicane - Sailing (Back Pedal Brakes Remix) 3:31
2. Chicane - Sailing (Back Pedal Brakes Extended Remix) 4:15

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