Irukandji / Time / Wonky
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KOVU - Irukandji / Time / Wonky

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Artist: KOVU
Title: Irukandji / Time / Wonky
Catalog: POSD046
Released: 19.11.2021
Type: EP
By day you will find Luke Collins working in a music studio in London. At night KOVU appears, an analogue and modular gear nut who thrives on pushing his sound design to new places. Having cut his teeth on the likes of Paul Oakenfold and Ferry Corsten, KOVU's production exudes a timeless and expertly crafted feel.

Positronic Digital is proud to welcome KOVU to the label with his first three track EP.
1. Irukandji 3:45
2. Time 3:25
3. Wonky 3:44
4. Irukandji (extended mix) 6:49
5. Time (extended mix) 5:13
6. Wonky (extended mix) 5:45

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