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Steve Byers - L'amour

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Artist: Steve Byers
Title: L'amour
Catalog: SDR509
Released: 19.11.2021
Type: Single
Rising producer Steve Byers comes back to Sundance Recordings in his second release on the label in the simply brilliant, melodic journey of 'L'amour'.

Delivering that classic, uplifting sound his burgeoning fanbase has grown to adore, Steve Byers's latest production crosses over into the realms of the uplifting whilst retaining his impeccable melodic structures, 'L'amour' delivers an exceptional uplifting in a release that's bursting with positive vibes from the start.

Neil Redden brings you a stellar remix for your listening pleasure as UK producer puts his spin on this terrific single, giving it a banging makeover and injecting it with dynamic, hard-hitting energy.

'L'amour' brings Steve Byers's warm sound back to Sundance Recordings, and we're excited to see what 2022 holds for the Australian!
01. Steve Byers - L'amour (Extended Mix) 7:14
02. Steve Byers - L'amour (Neil Redden Remix) 6:45
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