Cloud 9
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Jay Del Mar - Cloud 9

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Artist: Jay Del Mar
Title: Cloud 9
Catalog: ASR364
Released: 19.11.2021
Type: EP
After his spectacular AS debut with 'Just Dreaming' and the stunning remix for 3RVIN's 'Neptune', the rising talent Jay Del Mar is back at it for the release of the absolutely gorgeous 'Cloud 9' EP with the title track being the bright and melodic yet fairly energetic trance tune and the b-side record 'Halcyon' embracing the deeper progressive area while staying true to Jay Del Mar's rich melodic arrangements. You'll be having tough times picking the favorite as both tracks are simply amazing!
1. Jay Del Mar - Cloud 9 (Original Mix) 6:15
2. Jay Del Mar - Halcyon (Original Mix) 7:21

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