Another Dimension (Electric Universe Remix)
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Avalon - Another Dimension (Electric Universe Remix)

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Artist: Avalon
Title: Another Dimension (Electric Universe Remix)
Label: Nano Records
Catalog: NANODIGI276
Released: 26.11.2021
Type: Single
Avalon has called on some of the biggest psychedelic hitters in our scene to remix tracks from his latest album 'RISE'. The master that is Electric Universe has done an amazing job to rework 'Another Dimension' into a fresh and utterly mega new anthem, that feels more like a massive collaboration than a remix, with both of the artist's sounds and personalities shining through. Electric Universe really has out done himself here!

If this is anything to go by, the RISE remix album that is on the way is going to be frighteningly large. Stay tuned.
Avalon - Another Dimension (Electric Universe Remix) 7:40
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