Magical Gypsies
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Nataraja3D - Magical Gypsies

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Artist: Nataraja3D
Title: Magical Gypsies
Catalog: YSEDEP126
Released: 26.11.2021
Type: EP
Out next on YSE we have a release from Nataraja3D called 'Magical Gypsies'. The title track is a full on raging track filled with crashing beats, electrifying extra-terrestrial sounds, enchanting energising lines and a heavenly celestial vocal. The 2nd track called Dan.Da.Ra. also features impactful spiritual vocals, and these are accompanied with stomping beats, tantalising travelling lines and epic mammoth risers. Together this is an incredibly strong EP which is bewitching, captivating and very powerful! This release will ignite a flame within and lift your spirit to a higher majestic realm!
1. Nataraja3D - Magical Gypsies 7:45
2. Nataraja3D - Dan.da.ra 7:10

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