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Stuarty Baillie - Bezerker

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Artist: Stuarty Baillie
Title: Bezerker
Catalog: HTE147
Released: 26.11.2021
Type: Single
Stuarty Baillie is certainly a man who doesn't take no for an answer, for the past couple of years we have lost count of the amount of demos, ideas and enthusiastic emails received from him. 'Bezerker' is testament to the fact that patience and perseverance is definitely a virtue. Now striking gold, rising Northern Irish producer Stuarty Ballie makes a very loud entrance on HTE with huge stabs, monster kick and bass and a contrasting piano led breakdown that lights the path for the magnificent riff that seems to build forever. With salutes already from SHUGZ, David Nimmo and Paul Denton, we are excited to also see what you think?
01. Stuarty Baillie - Bezerker [03:44]
02. Stuarty Baillie - Bezerker (Extended Mix) [07:15]

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