Keep On Trying
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Cubicore & Oliver Moss & July Mell - Keep On Trying

Rating: 3.6 Votes: 16
Title: Keep On Trying
Catalog: ARMD1631
Released: 17.12.2021
Type: Single
Linking up with Oliver Moss and songstress July Mell, Kyiv-based hotshot Cubicore lands on Armind again to push his new-found progressive flavor into the limelight again. From the melodic splendor to the vocal-infused breakdown building suspense toward the euphoric beat drop, this track is all the reason dance fans need to smile from ear to ear.
Cubicore x Oliver Moss feat. July Mell - Keep On Trying (Extended Mix) 6:48
16 Jan 2022 в 13:46
Кубик разве не выполз также из компил Анжуны...
16 Jan 2022 в 19:00
это сейчас трансом называют? пустой трек, что то совсем тухляк по релизам
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