18° Below Horizon
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AltReal - 18° Below Horizon

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Artist: AltReal
Title: 18° Below Horizon
Label: Soluna Music
Catalog: SOL208
Released: 07.01.2022
Type: EP
Among Argentina's vivacious producers in the progressive and trance communities is AltReal, who may very well turn your world into and alternate reality with his resonating and humming melodic vibrations. He has contributed fantastic remixes and tracks to our name, but this EP marks his first official artist release on our imprint.

"Hanoi" is an adrenaline-fueled progressive banger. Think of the Fast and Furious in Vietnam, but...in slow motion. Riveting basslines from the intro and rip-curling pads compose a motion picture soundtrack right here. "Distrito 3" is another high octane adrenaline rush perfect of a listener's night driving soundtrack. This EP is the perfect way to begin our 2022!
1. Hanoi (Original 12" Mix) 8:12
2. Distrito 3 (Extended Mix) 5:12
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