Dreamtime (D72 Remix)
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Alexander Popov & Natalie Gioia - Dreamtime (D72 Remix)

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Title: Dreamtime (D72 Remix)
Label: Interplay
Catalog: ITP184E
Released: 07.01.2022
Type: Single
Well-knowing signature sounds from the first beats, and you know it's D72 style! This time this super productive and fast growing producer back to Interplay Records with the remix for the one and only 'Dreamtime' by Alexander Popov & Natalie Gioia. Kept mood, vibes and beautiful vocals by Natalie Gioia, D72 added more power and dynamics, and bring the energy of the single to the next level! Turn up the volume of your speakers, it's a Dreamtime (D72 Remix)!
01. Dreamtime (D72 Remix) 03:36
02. Dreamtime (D72 Extended Remix) 05:51

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