Blurry Waves / Northern Lights
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Skyline Project - Blurry Waves / Northern Lights

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Artist: Skyline Project
Title: Blurry Waves / Northern Lights
Catalog: SYC125
Released: 07.01.2022
Type: EP
We're truly excited to bring back an artist that has grown and refined his sound over the past years, none other than Poland-based Skyline Project.
Having been a frequent collaborator of the label on some of our past compilations, he now breaks the ice with his full release, comprised of 'Blurry waves' and 'Northern lights'.
Both tracks bring out a breezy, almost spring-like atmosphere with its caressing sound that will appeal to every melodic progressive fan out there.
Returning in style, this is Skyline Project and his mesmerizing new release.
01. Blurry Waves (Original Mix) .................. 06:50
02. Northern Lights (Original Mix) ............... 06:45

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