Super Moover
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Solid Iron - Super Moover

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Artist: Solid Iron
Title: Super Moover
Catalog: YSEDEP129
Released: 07.01.2022
Type: EP
Out next on YSE we have this blasting release from Solid Iron called 'Super Moover'. The first track 'the Eternal Sun' has rocking beats and bass, and ferociously fuelled with crazy stabs and electrifying uplifting melodies that elevate your spirit! The second track 'Elik Belik Bom' has kicking beats and a dynamic bass that moves and grooves. On top fo this come raging twisted sounds, epic pads and uplifting hypnotic arpeggiated lines - that whisk you into a frenzy! This enigmatic release is bursting with energy and power and will inject the life and soul into you - getting the party started!
1. Solid Iron - The Eternal Sun 7:51
2. Solid Iron - Elik Belik Bom 7:26

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