Virtual Resistance EP
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Harrison BDP & Ed Hodge - Virtual Resistance EP

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Title: Virtual Resistance EP
Label: Dansu Discs
Catalog: DSD 030
Released: 07.01.2022
Type: EP
1. Harrison BDP – Seeing Spiders (07:32)
2. Harrison BDP – Virtual Resistance (06:37)
3. Ed Hodge – Hot Point (06:05)
4. Ed Hodge – Untouched (06:12)

Across the breadth of 2021, we were so impressed with the pure consistency of the Dansu Discs team, with this latest offering being the perfect way to continue that theme into a brand new year. We see them welcome both Harrison BDP & Ed Hodge inside for a gorgeous display of breaks-inspired mastery, kicking off with the glittering glitchy beauty of ‘Seeing Spiders’ a dizzying introduction from Harrison, exploring the more abstract side of breaks with some futuristic sound design. He plays lead on the next track as well with the moogy disco flavours of ‘Virtual Resistance’ unleashing a tonne of blippy energy. We then find ourselves perusing Ed Hodge’s pair of originals, with the pulsating house-inspired drum skips and sliding bass alternations of ‘Hot Point’ unleashing a rave-inspiring display. Finally, ‘Untouched’ gives us a wicked finale, utilizing high ended melodic beeps and groovy drum flicks for a tech-driven sign off. Lovely work!
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