Zafari EP
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Erik Hakansson - Zafari EP

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Artist: Erik Hakansson
Title: Zafari EP
Catalog: ESK132
Released: 10.01.2022
Type: Single
We are delighted to welcome back Sweden-based artist Erik Hakansson here at Emergent Skies with an excellent new release.

These awesome tracks both combine powerful, driving bass; soaring leads, beautiful melodies and classic vibes reminiscent of the golden age of trance.

Returning with an enormous new EP here at Skies, this is Erik Hakansson with his amazing new "Zafari" EP
01. Zafari [04:03]
02. Zafari (Extended Mix) [06:18]
03. Pieces [04:00]
04. Pieces (Extended Mix) [06:03]
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