Vol. 1 [HR LTDV 004]
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VA - Vol. 1 [HR LTDV 004]

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Artist: VA
Title: Vol. 1 [HR LTDV 004]
Label: Habitat
Catalog: HR LTDV 004
Released: 10.12.2021
Type: EP
a1 Nikolay Raru – Paradigma
b1 Nektar Agu – Rocamora
b2 Anck Man – Inner

The project to found this new independent label, owned by the Italian DJ and producer Alessandro Baglioni, stems from the intention of promoting top and emerging artists on the international scene linked to the contemporary electronic music movement.
The predilection for deep sounds, the search for new percussion and the care of harmonic sounds, represent the distinctive signs of this newborn Italian label from Milan.
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