Superhuman (Ferry Corsten & OCULA Remixes)
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Tritonal & Codeko - Superhuman (Ferry Corsten & OCULA Remixes)

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Artist: Tritonal, Codeko
Title: Superhuman (Ferry Corsten & OCULA Remixes)
Catalog: ENHANCED509RE
Released: 13.01.2022
Type: Single
Ferry Corsten and OCULA put their spin on Tritonal & Codeko's 'Superhuman'!

Tritonal and Codeko delivered a bulletproof anthem with their fantastic collaboration 'Superhuman', and now we bring you two standout remixes. Ferry Corsten's take is a stunning, a perfect blend of the darker prog trance and blissful euphoria of the original, and OCULA presents a one-of-a-kind interpretation that shines bright thanks to immaculate sound design and a breathtaking, serene vibe.
1. Tritonal & Codeko - Superhuman (Ferry Corsten Extended Remix) 5:19
2. Tritonal & Codeko - Superhuman (OCULA Extended Remix) 5:10

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