Found You
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Julian Schwarz & Alma - Found You

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Artist: Julian Schwarz, Alma
Title: Found You
Catalog: ETX152
Released: 13.01.2022
Type: Single
We are delighted here at Emergent Textures to welcome Germany-based newcomer Julian Schwarz with a remarkable release.

This talented artist has created an extraordinary track, clearly drawing influence from luminaries such as Ben Böhmer, he combines a wonderful pulsing lead with a glorious progression, resonating bass and fantastic percussion to deliver a lilting, mesmerising track for his first outing here with us. This release comprises a stunning vocal mix featuring the striking vocal stylings of fellow German collaborator Alma, along with a fantastic dub mix.

Joining us in style with a wonderful first release here on Textures, this is Julian Schwarz feat. Alma and their incredible new track "Found You".
01. Found You (Vocal Mix) 04:48
02. Found You (Dub Mix) 04:48

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