Blizzard (Steve Allen Remix)
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Speed DJ - Blizzard (Steve Allen Remix)

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Artist: Speed DJ
Title: Blizzard (Steve Allen Remix)
Catalog: TT003R
Released: 14.01.2022
Type: Single
Think Trance is excited to welcome acclaimed worldwide Trance legend STEVE ALLEN who delivers a sensational remix of SPEED DJ's original track BLIZZARD.

UK based Steve Allen is a master-mind when it comes to making remixes as he knows exactly how to work around a given original and its harmony. He takes Speed DJ's track and elevates it to an even higher dimension by adding his own fingerprint. By adapting a few notes in the key progression, without changing the initial story of the track, and on top of that adding an absolutely resplendent vocal ad-lib, Steve managed to deliver an altered but yet unique version of the initial story.

With this remix release, Italy's Alessio Ciccone aka Speed DJ returns to the Swiss imprint after his previous tracks and remixes as released on labels such as Tuned:Flow, Phoenix Recordings, #WeAreTrance (Switzerland), Joyride Recordings, Last State, Ultima Audio and many others.
01. Blizzard (Steve Allen remix) 06:10
02. Blizzard (Steve Allen radio mix) 03:40
13 Jan 2022 в 17:13
видать благодаря стиви ремикс благодатным вышел. оригу не слышал, достаточно этой огненной версии
13 Jan 2022 в 20:09
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