I Won't Let You Go
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twfloors. & Lil dessy - I Won't Let You Go

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Artist: twfloors., Lil dessy
Title: I Won't Let You Go
Catalog: ETC394
Released: 14.01.2022
Type: Single
When you are close to a weekend and you don't know if you wanna go into a club to have some drinks and dance to tech house or future house music, you'll need a playlist for both subgenres. Play both and see what moves your feet more. The debut track of TWFLOORS. featuring LIL DESSY shouldn't be missing in the future house playlist, just to be sure you get the best of would be expecting you on a hot and long future house club night.
twfloors. feat. Lil dessy - I Won't Let You Go (Extended Mix) 5:50
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