Milsons Point
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Ryota Arai - Milsons Point

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Artist: Ryota Arai
Title: Milsons Point
Catalog: NIX238
Released: 14.01.2022
Type: Single
Phoenix Recordings welcomes Japan's RYOTA ARAI with his label debut MILSONS POINT, a beautiful dreamy Uplifting Trance track.

Following his recent releases on labels such as Abora Skies, Silent Shore, #TAR138, Entrancing, Redux and Beyond the Stars, the talent has been steady with output since his first appearance in 2015.

Milsons Point is a suburb on the lower North Shore of Sydney, Australia. It's the spot where the first European settlement was established in 1788. Milsons Point was named after James Milson (1783–1872), one of the earliest settlers. [Source (edited): Wikipedia]
Ryota Arai - Milsons Point (Extended Mix) 7:04
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