A Bit of Nostalgia
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Electrypnose - A Bit of Nostalgia

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Artist: Electrypnose
Title: A Bit of Nostalgia
Label: Ibogatech
Catalog: IBOGATECH118
Released: 14.01.2022
Type: EP
Electrypnose, the electric hypnosis, is Vince Lebarde's multi-flavored musical project. Electrypnose has been exploring the world of electronic music since 2001, sharing his unique, intelligent and always moving sound fusions with more than 10 albums and 100 tracks released with various labels. Following appearances on earlier IbogaTech compilations, Electrypnose drops his first solo EP on the label with 'A Bit of Nostalgia' - revealing a stripped down fusion of techno textures across 2 smoothly enveloping tracks.
1. Electrypnose - A Bit of Nostalgia 9:56
2. Electrypnose - Hälo 7:29

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