Icarus (The Flight) 2K22 (PT. 1)
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Flutlicht - Icarus (The Flight) 2K22 (PT. 1)

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Artist: Flutlicht
Title: Icarus (The Flight) 2K22 (PT. 1)
Catalog: RIZECL008PT1
Released: 14.01.2022
Type: Single
Originally released in 2001 on Drizzly Music Germany! The uplifting and energetic melodic trance anthem Icarus (The Flight) by the Swiss duo Flutlicht get's a 2K22 treatment by one of Swiss trance leaders Wavetraxx (Drizzly Music/Planet Traxx) and Meriton Celiku (HTE Records/Axwax). The 2K22 version contains an additional mix by the very known Jaron Inc. (Be Yourself Music / ID&T), he mashed-up the Flutlicht classic tracks The Flight & The Fall. Furthermore the Original Daedalus Mix and the S.H.O.K.K. Mix edited by Reysan Khan (Universal Prime Breaks/JOOF/Bonzai) are included. The release is split in two parts: PT1 with mixes by Wavetraxx, Jaron Inc., and the classic Original Daedalus Mix from 2001, PT2 with mixes by Meriton Celiku and the massive 2001 Mix by S.H.O.K.K. It is truly a masterpiece of trance history!
1. Icarus (The Flight) (2K22 Wavetraxx Remix) 3:09
2. Icarus (The Flight) (2K22 Wavetraxx Extended 8:59
3. Icarus (The Flight) (Jaron Inc. Flight & Fall 4:16
Classic Mash Up Edit)
4. Icarus (The Flight) (Jaron Inc. Flight & Fall 8:16
Classic Mash Up Extended Mix)
5. Icarus (The Flight) (Original Daedalus Mix - 3:09
Reysan Khan Re-Edit)
6. Icarus (The Flight) (Original Daedalus Mix - 10:34
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