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Nōpi - Bila

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Artist: Nōpi
Title: Bila
Label: Silk Music
Catalog: SILKM284
Released: 18.12.2020
Type: EP
Through his 4-track "Bila" EP, Silk newcomer Nōpi channels a radiant aura that warms us, as the impending winter moves ever closer. His articulate production skills, organic grooves, and penchant for emotive melodic soundscapes coincide with our label's own artistic tastes and vision.

In the title cut ("Bila"), ethereal pads emanate from the midst of tropical percussion, underpinned by a gentle, if not hypnotic groove. The listener is engulfed in a resonant vapor comprised of myriad distinct effects, including angelic vocal chops that serve to bring the track to even higher ground. The numinous qualities of the soundscape fulfill our spiritual cravings from start to finish.

The wondrous "Endless Love" begins with a steady rhythmic buildup of shakers and woodblocks, coupled with the poignant bow strokes of the violin. As the song progresses, the somber string themes carve out distinct lines within the ambient textures of the arrangements. Faint echoes of a lover's cry reverberate in the distance, as the soothing atmosphere coaxes us to fade into oblivion.

In collaboration with Minsbie, Nōpi presents "Sinai," which rises alongside the steady thump of a bass drum. The sacred undertones of the song are reinforced by the tribal groove, as well as mellow pads, which evoke a canopy of clouds, near the "summit" of the titular mountain. Gorgeous flute themes and, later, fragile piano themes accelerate the listener's spiritual reawakening.

Closing out the release, "Organic Idyll" reveals a variety of transportive and often transcendent themes, including a variety of flute motifs and bell-tinged sounds. All-the-while, a steady, hallucinatory groove guides the listener's escape from the shackles of the self and into lesser-known recesses of the psyche.

1. Nōpi - Bila (Original Mix) 4:23
2. Nōpi - Endless Love (Original Mix) 3:50
3. Nōpi feat. Minsbie - Sinai (Original Mix) 6:32
4. Nōpi - Organic Idyll (Original Mix) 4:24
5. Nōpi - Bila (Extended Mix) 7:36
6. Nōpi - Endless Love (Extended Mix) 6:30
7. Nōpi - Organic Idyll (Extended Mix) 7:34
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