One More Time
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Yosh - One More Time

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Artist: Yosh
Title: One More Time
Catalog: TIN 012
Released: 18.12.2020
Type: EP
1. One Time (05:46)
2. On Your Own (06:15)
3. OB1 (06:14)
4. Spaced Out (06:11)
5. It’s The Way (05:55)

Time Is Now is definitely one of the labels to watch out for when looking for creative dance music, with this latest display from Yosh being a perfect example. We kick off with ‘One Time’, a smoothened breaksy epic, driven by hard hitting sublines and powerful drum processing, alongside the high energy rhythms and potent basslines of ‘On Your Own’. Next, we dive down a more UKG-influenced avenue as ‘OB1’ unleashes some techy 2-step flavours, followed by the nostalgic bass-manoeuvres of ‘Spaced Out’ before rounding off the EP with ‘It’s The Way’, a choppy throwback packed with original flavour. Overall, this EP treads the line perfectly between the new school and nostalgia with great results!

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