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Jossie Telch - Frogs

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Artist: Jossie Telch
Title: Frogs
Label: Ibogatech
Catalog: IBOGATECH082
Released: 18.12.2020
Type: Single
Closing off the year with a big bang in music production circles roughly translates to the release of one fully solid EP. Jossie Telch delivers on this with his last release of 2020 – titled 'Frogs'. With a glossy techno frame that's dabbed by crunchy, psychedelic elements and that unmissable Jossie Telch groove, Frogs brings us those feel good soundwaves in sultry, dance floor banger packaging. Featuring remixes from Gaudi, Electrypnose, James Monro and Luis M, this 5 track EP showcases the versatile spectrum of the melodic techno genre. Gaudi accentuates the more downtempo rhythmic side of the original, Electrypnose takes things up a notch with more mind-bending interpretation, James Monro takes the hypnotic minimal approach, while Luis M raises the foot stomping bassline to irresistible new heights. Quality production from beginning to end, the new EP from Jossie Telch is a far-reaching collage of genre blending sounds.

1. Jossie Telch - Frogs (Original Mix) 7:22
2. Jossie Telch - Frogs (GAUDI Remix) 6:31
3. Jossie Telch - Frogs (Electrypnose Remix) 9:19
4. Jossie Telch - Frogs (James Monro Remix) 7:31
5. Jossie Telch - Frogs (Luis M Remix) 7:37
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