New Dimensions
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Shapov - New Dimensions

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Artist: Shapov
Title: New Dimensions
Label: Armada Music
Catalog: ARMAS2182
Released: 11.02.2022
Type: EP
Underlining Shapov's broad-range skill set as a music maker, 'New Dimensions' bundles four of the Russian go-getter's most noteworthy floor slammers. Sporting collabs with Sam Bagira ('Resolution') and NERAK ('Dark In The Light') as well as two solo offerings in the form of 'Cornerstone' and 'Inside The Rave', this EP pushes listeners into new dimensions indeed.
1. Shapov & Sam Bagira - Resolution (Extended Mix) 4:47
2. Shapov & NERAK - Dark In The Light (Extended Mix) 4:59
3. Shapov - Cornerstone (Extended Mix) 4:02
4. Shapov - Inside The Rave (Extended Mix) 3:03


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