Loretta An Der Spree
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Luca Olivotto - Loretta An Der Spree

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Artist: Luca Olivotto
Title: Loretta An Der Spree
Label: Endless
Catalog: EM096
Released: 07.12.2020
Type: EP
1. Loretta An Der Spree (07:16)
2. Never Let Me Fall (05:04)

‘Loretta an der Spree’ is a two-track EP by Berlin based producer and DJ Luca Olivotto. The title track features a rolling, powerful bassline with warm synth textures atop and a diverse set of percussive rhythms woven into the composition. The second track ‘Never Let Me Fall’ has a slightly darker feel than ‘Loretta’, albeit it features a more vivid bassline and introduces new synth patterns as the composition progresses. The tastefully placed vocals serve as a cherry on top in this skillfully mixed house banger and brighten up the overall mood. Both tracks on this single carry Luca’s indistinguishable signature sound and are surely great additives in tasteful house music selections.

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