Venom EP
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Airod - Venom EP

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Artist: Airod
Title: Venom EP
Label: Lenske
Catalog: LENSKE014D
Released: 18.12.2020
Type: EP

1. Assassin’s Walk (05:40)
2. Topaz (06:11)
3. Venom (06:24)
4. Light Enchantment (06:51)

Parisian DJ, Producer and Elixyr Records label boss AIROD returns to Amelie Lens’ Lenske for his third EP on the label. Following 2019’s ‘Rave Cycle’ and ‘Voltage’ EP’s, this year’s LP on Molekül and appearances at some of Europe’s most revered clubs and showcases including the EXHALE event series, the Frenchman has proven himself as a dominant force in today’s techno scene.
‘Assassin’s Walk’ welcomes us with rolling kicks and looping sirens accompanied by foreboding synths that orchestrate a deep sense of tension. As these fade, explosive drums perturb the peace again with the addition of a wavering acid line and incessant hi-hats that conjure urgency and pure exhilaration. Returning to the familiar AIROD sound we’ve been acquainted with is ‘Topaz’, employing pounding kick drums, jolting sirens and an indiscernible cut up vocal sample to engage listeners into an ambient delirium. Sharp white noise slices through the resounding beat in a rhythmic assault after the first drop and characterize the remainder of the track.
Title track Venom is imitative of its name with a malicious crescendo and striking electro-esque keys. Though this cut has an electro-feel, AIROD manages to retain the booming kicks and ominous atmosphere created in earlier tracks. We’re rewarded with a swift change of pace with ‘Enchantment’, a delicate mantra that steps away from the usual toughness of AIROD’s sound, but does so without compromising on intensity. Major chords ring out, constituting overwhelming feelings of lightness and joy, with heavy drums sitting comfortably under euphoric pads. Echoing hi-hats and a fleeting vocal gradually submerge into the drawn out keys to close on a feeling of elation.
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