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Borneo - Go

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Artist: Borneo
Title: Go
Label: Hommage
Catalog: HOME046
Released: 18.12.2020
Type: EP
1. Go (05:38)
2. Trying (06:43)

An interesting but also wonderful year 2020 ends for Hommage with a beginning, the birth of Borneo. The two minds behind Hommage, try to make the best use of the time they have been forced to gain. With their duo project ‘Monkey Safari’ they already have a lot of output in the studio, which doesn’t seem to fill them up enough. So it happens that after Sven recently launched his new DJ Island project on Hovse, Lars is now following up with ‘Borneo’ on Hommage. His new solo project shows with the first EP ‘Go’ where the journey is going to. UK influenced beats and breaks combined with catchy melodies give you an idea that ‘Borneo’ will bring us all a lot of joy in the future. But now enough of the waffle, let’s raise our glasses and light a light on the birth of ‘Borneo’!

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