Class Of Taxonomy
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A-Tweed - Class Of Taxonomy

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Artist: A-Tweed
Title: Class Of Taxonomy
Label: Hard Fist
Catalog: HRDF11
Released: 17.12.2020
Type: EP
1. Plesiosaurus Social Security (05:28)
2. Dodo Crash Report (06:05)
3. Zebra Xing (Quagga’s Revenge) (05:00)
4. Dodo Crash Report [Dengue Dengue Dengue Remix] (05:46)
5. Zebra Xing (Quagga’s Revenge) [Ground Remix] (05:31)

“Taxonomic Revisions” is the second EP by Italian dj/producer and tireless music digger A-Tweed, a new concept odd work dedicated to extinct animals and human self-destructive behaviours.
Including remixes by Dengue Dengue Dengue and Ground, and a special paleolithic artwork from the outer space by the great Léo Marsal
Antonio De Oto aka A-Tweed was born in the upland region of Molise, Southern Italy and after skipping several towns is now based in Rome since 2014.
His music is marked by dark and trippy acid vibes with afrofuturism, cosmic disco, global bass, tropical house, psychedelic tribalism, weird downbeats and 360° worldwide sample digging.
Each track of the EP is inspired by three different extinct animals.
Opening track “Plesiosaurus Social Security” with its no sense title and its uneasy dark and lo-fi vibes reflect A-Tweed’s passion for Scottish Highlands foggy landscapes and tribalism.
Could that Plesiosaurus be “Nessie” from Loch Ness? Maybe…
“Dodo Crash Report”, which can also count on an impressive and astonishing remix by Peruvian Berlin based duo Dengue Dengue Dengue, is a metallic wonky arp tune dedicated to Mauritian extinct bird dodo. Techno meets tribal disco with a powerful bassline and thumping percussive grooves.
Quagga, South-African zebra extinct in 1883, get its revenge in third track “Zebra Xing” which is a tribal downbeat tune with eerie organic and drum samples and spooky melodies has the purpose of make reflect about human being role in ambiental and zoological disasters.
This track is also remixed by gifted Japanese Ground from Osaka based label Chill Mountain. Such a good way to close this “acid weird slow disco” EP.

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