Unless It’s Real Fun
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Verlake - Unless It’s Real Fun

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Artist: Verlake
Title: Unless It’s Real Fun
Catalog: FASRAT 031
Released: 25.12.2020
Type: EP

1. Unless It’s Real Fun (05:45)
2. Untitled (04:46)
3. Relief (05:07)
4. Cargo (05:53)
5. Creatures Of The Past (10:30)

Known for his releases for, among others, Laral Tapes, Dream Park or K-Hole Trax, Verlake has been developing his own vision of contemporary (post) techno music. “Unless It’s Real Fun” is a welcome addition to Father And Son Records And Tapes’ catalogue of diverse and surprising records. Polish producer starts slowly, but surely with syncopated, mid-tempo title track, which wouldn’t sound out of place in, say, Salon des Amateurs; “untitled” and “Cargo” venture into electro territory, balancing machine rhythms with dreamy soundscapes, while “Relief” channels Detroit sounds with some sort of unmistakably Slavic melancholy. The EP ends with “Creatures Of The Past” – over 10 minutes of solid, fast, 4/4 rhythm and delicate, swirling noises – something for the feet and something for an open head. Another fine release from FASRAT, and another fine record from the ever-growing Polish scene.

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