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Till Von Sein - Barocula

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Artist: Till Von Sein
Title: Barocula
Label: Tilly Jam
Catalog: TJ 018
Released: 25.12.2020
Type: Single

1. Barocula (original mix) (06:03)
2. Barocula (Larse remix) (06:54)

Berlin house and disco producer Till Von Sein looks to the early 80s for inspiration as he serves up a convincing slice of instrumental disco/boogie. ‘Barocula’ creates a bed of warm bass and frenetic Rodgers-esque guitar chops, which it then tops with a descending plinky-plonk synth hook and a magnificently 80s-sounding mournful sax line, with some space disco stabs for good measure. Larse’s remix pumps things up in a more overtly nu-disco style, so whether you go for maximum authenticity or maximum 2020s dancefloor impact is up to you! A set-builder rather than an anthem-in-waiting, perhaps, but still checkable.

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