Forgotten Time
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Wavetraxx - Forgotten Time

Rating: 4.4 Votes: 5
Artist: Wavetraxx
Title: Forgotten Time
Catalog: HRR078
Released: 18.02.2022
Type: Single
Swiss legend Wavetraxx makes a long-awaited return to Hyper Reality Records with his brand new single, Forgotten Time. Known for his beautiful melodies and masterful synthwork, this release has both in massive amounts. Featuring two mixes from the master himself, Forgotten Time is built around a huge synth melody and energetic backing tracks, all perfectly positioned over a huge bottom end. As if that weren't enough, on remix duties we have Hyper Reality regular, XLS. When asked to provide a remix, he loved the track so much that he submitted two different mixes - one under his usual XLS moniker, and another under his uplifting trance alias, Skybreed - both of which bring something new to the release. With 4 unique takes on this incredible track, we're sure you're going to love Forgotten Time!
01. Forgotten Time (Trance Mix) 5:40
02. Forgotten Time (Trance Mix Edit) 3:00
03. Forgotten Time (Club Mix) 5:40
04. Forgotten Time (Club Mix Edit) 2:53
05. Forgotten Time (Skybreed Remix) 7:32
06. Forgotten Time (Skybreed Remix Edit) 3:27
07. Forgotten Time (XLS Remix) 8:47
08. Forgotten Time (XLS Remix Edit) 3:15
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