Sea Shells
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The Blizzard - Sea Shells

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Artist: The Blizzard
Title: Sea Shells
Catalog: BLS378
Released: 07.03.2022
Type: Single
Norwegian virtuosos, The Blizzard arrives at Soho HQ and if the record they bring along doesn't put a big smile on your face we'll be stunned!

The masters of melodic progressive trance, The Blizzard's signature sounds are in wellspring as the Sea Shell's uplifting bassline carries you into the break, where a captivating lead takes over the proceedings, building, and building to the big finale where the track literally lifts off! Absolutely stunning.
1. The Blizzard - Sea Shells 3:45
2. The Blizzard - Sea Shells (Extended Mix) 6:23

8 Mar 2022 в 14:39
Самый слабый релиз от них что я слышал
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