About Love
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atalkingdrum - About Love

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Artist: atalkingdrum
Title: About Love
Catalog: RML007
Released: 08.03.2022
Type: EP
01. About Love 6:41
02. About Love (Zuma Dionys Remix) 7:04
03. About Love (Max Sorokin Remix) 7:20

We have kept this little musical secret for a while, originally planned as a single, a deep, sexy dive into hypnotic groove, with an ode to Soviet golden age of Soulful music by atalkingdrum, who stands behind the renowned Label of Earthly Delights. The release became even more magical, when it was joined by Zuma Dionys - a star of organic house genre and Max Sorokin, known for his Anjunadeep releases, all of whom happen to hail from St. Petersburg Russia.

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