Katharsis (Nacres Remixes) EP
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CJ Art & Mental Traveler - Katharsis (Nacres Remixes) EP

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Title: Katharsis (Nacres Remixes) EP
Catalog: DPM077
Released: 11.02.2022
Type: EP
Genre: Electronic, House
Our dear super talented resident artist Nacres delivers fantastic deep and hypnotic remixes for "Katharsis" track, which has been just released on our DeeperSoundscapes sublabel under CJ Art's Mental Traveler alias. The current turmoil in the world has an impact on our psyche, undoubtedly. Therefore, we look for various solutions, an escape or some kind of expression of emotions we accumulate locked down somewhere inside us. The act or process of releasing a strong emotion especially by expressing it in an art form is known from centuries under the term "katharsis" (eng. catharsis), both trace to the Greek word "kathairein" meaning "to cleanse, purge." Purification of the soul through artistic sensations is liberating for both sides - the artist and audience. "Katharsis" is that kind of liberation and mutual connection. It's good to learn to have your own catharsis moments, take a deep breath, enjoy the magnificence of the universe, try not to dwell on the negatives and move on.
[7:21] 1. CJ Art pres Mental Traveler - Katharsis (Nacres Remix)
[8:32] 2. CJ Art pres Mental Traveler - Katharsis (Nacres Dark Mix)

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