Don't Forget Me
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DJ Dani - Don't Forget Me

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Artist: DJ Dani
Title: Don't Forget Me
Label: State Vision
Catalog: SV050
Released: 11.03.2022
Type: Single
State Control Records prooudly welcomes DJ Dani with his new trance anthem. Don't Forget Me contains beautiful melodic leads with powerful basslines.

DJ Dani has collected a bag of very high quality remixes. Six Senses, Gayax and Luca de Maas bring a real festive meal to the table just for you. Sharpen your knife, straighten the forks and strike in. Let the musical Main Dish take you to the melodic heaven.
01. Don't Forget Me (Extended Mix) 06:14
02. Don't Forget Me (Luca de Maas Remix) 07:27
03. Don't Forget Me (Gayax Remix) 07:31
04. Don't Forget Me (Six Senses Remix) 08:07
05. Don't Forget Me 03:33

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