Landing in Halifax
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Passenger 10 - Landing in Halifax

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Artist: Passenger 10
Title: Landing in Halifax
Catalog: ETR628
Released: 11.03.2022
Type: Single
On September, 3rd 1998 the Swissair (Today: Swiss) flight no. 111 from New York to Geneva declared emergency when they tried to emergency land in Halifax after detecting and reeking smoke in the pilot's cockpit. The airplane with 229 people on board crushed into the ocean right outside the coast of Halifax 5 minutes after their last radio message was received by the local airport tower. No one survived. Just 1 body was recovered in one piece. A black day for the Swiss airline who, up until that day, was known to be one of the most secure airlines. It turned out that one of the cables from the newly installed onboard entertainment system lit fire and started a fire that eventually ended deadly for all the people and crew on board of flight 111.
PASSENGER 10 is a frequent traveler, although he barely travels by plane, and if, he always sits on the aisle. Our virtual globetrotter was moved by a documentary of the above drama and thought he has to express himself musically by creating a track that covers not only that subject, but also points out how fragile traveling and life itself can be and how fast everything can be over. This should let us appreciate life even more. Let's enjoy life, let's be happy and just do what pleases us and our loved ones.
Passenger 10 - Landing in Halifax (Extended Mix) 7:03
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