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Lika Morgan - Dilemma

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Artist: Lika Morgan
Title: Dilemma
Catalog: ETC433
Released: 11.03.2022
Type: Single
Singer, songwriter and producer LIKA MORGAN is part of the dance music community since 10 years straight. With a Beatport overall No. 1 and over 100 million Spotify streams, she has found a successful way to express her musical intentions and to establish her as part of the dance and house music scene.
Her unique vocals stand out of every track and are a big part of her musical signature.
DILEMMA is her newest track: An official cover version of the R&B classic by Nelly and Kelly Rowland, originally performed in 2002.
Lika spiced up this track with some funky nu-disco beats, a punchy and chunky bassline and, of course, her awesome vocals which are performing a song that invites to sing along and just have an unforgettable time.
Lika Morgan - Dilemma (Extended Mix) 4:45
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