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Minicied - Interchange

Rating: 3.3 Votes: 6
Artist: Minicied
Title: Interchange
Catalog: PHW445
Released: 11.03.2022
Type: EP
Canada based trance and progressive producer Minicied is keeping up with building his name and reputation and we are certainly over the moon to see him back on the label again as he returns to Progressive House Worldwide once again. This time he delivers another superb 2 track EP influenced by his superb energetic and driving style of melody driven trance and progressive.

"Interchange" as the title track is named is a perfect rendition of his trademark style and energy that he creates. Free flowing from start to finish and packed with energetic components and etching melodic layers.

To back this beauty up, we also have "Radiation", a peak time stormer that got it all. Powerful and pounding kick drums, big synth riffs and an overall energetic set up that surely is to take you places. We are as thrilled as ever to see him back on the label with his winning formula, Minicied is back on the label!
01. Interchange (Original Mix) 06:12
02. Radiation (Original Mix) 06:06

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