Tears In Rain
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Renal Shamsutdinov - Tears In Rain

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Title: Tears In Rain
Catalog: SDR525
Released: 11.03.2022
Type: Single
'Tears In Rain' is the first single from Renal Shamsutdinov on Sundance Recordings!

Making his debut on Sundance Recordings, producer Renal Shamsutdinov crafts a belter here with 'Tears In Rain'. Stunning, airy melodies and pleasing synths fuse together to give the track a serene vibe that can't be matched.

Renal Shamsutdinov announces his arrival on Sundance Recordings in magnificent fashion, this is 'Tears In Rain'!
Renal Shamsutdinov - Tears In Rain (Extended Mix) [08:31]

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Это прекрасно!
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